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Promote Growth and Development with Trellis

Our non-profit teacher volunteer program provides aspiring educators the opportunity to experience Vietnam firsthand, positively impact the global community, gain valuable international experience, and ultimately secure a job teaching English in Japan or Vietnam.

About Us: History

Foreign Language Education

Mastering a second language is often the first step towards overcoming endemic poverty. The reality is that due to the prohibitively high cost of foreign language education throughout the developing world, the benefits of learning a second language often fail to reach those who need them most. 

By providing cost-free English and Japanese language classes within the communities in which we operate, Trellis aims to improve the foreign language capabilities of our students as a means of increasing their social and economic mobility. We also strive to foster meaningful connections between our students and instructors to promote global interconnectivity and cross-cultural understanding.

About Us: Mission

Volunteer Teacher Training Program

A passionate, qualified teacher makes all the difference. Trellis provides its volunteer teachers with the training, support, and classroom experience necessary to confidently and constructively teach a foreign language, all within the context of a safe and structured classroom environment. Our volunteer teachers are young adults who want to help others in a new and exciting culture while pursuing their own individual aspirations. Upon completion of our program, Trellis can assist our volunteers with securing full-time teaching positions through our network of partners in Japan and Vietnam. By doing this, we hope to increase access to effective foreign language education globally.

About Us: Mission
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